Crowdfund to buy 4K Camera, Computer, and Equipment.

The birthday of the Divine Queen is February 4, 2023. Plan accordingly to pamper Mistress Eva Lordes. Make this her best birthday ever!

Consider these options to please her: 

1. Contribute to the Crowdfund on her Loyal Fans Devotee page. She is raising funds for the new camera to film 4K FemDom clips and high-quality photos. This camera will make an excellent webcam too. She also needs a new computer and studio equipment. While you are there, follow her or subscribe. It’s a special rate of $8.99 per month while her site launches.

2. If you prefer to send a gift, you may purchase something from Goddess’s universal wish list. (The camera and studio equipment are listed there.) She has lots of fetishwear, and BDSM gear listed too. This wish list service delivers gifts anonymously. You will need to message her to be thanked personally for your gifts.

3. You may send her an Amazon E gift card. Remember never to leave personal notes that are kink related. If you prefer to purchase the gift card at a store, send the redemption code in a message with your birthday wishes

Send Amazon gift cards and messages to:

Your Queen will greatly appreciate your generosity.

Goddess Eva

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