The Journey

My journey as a Lifestyle Mistress and Professional Dominatrix spans over Twenty Five amazing years. My Dominant nature and my desire for kink actually started when I was quite young. I embraced the power of my sexuality and the need to control and dominate willing submissive men. I have always loved being served and pleased. Yes, I am strict and demanding but I also care about the well being of my subs. I am very fortunate that many of my subs have been serving me on a long-term or ongoing basis. Even though one-time play sessions are hot and fun, I feel the hottest play happens when I get to truly know my sub both psychologically and physically.  The better I understand you, the better I can Dominate you! It is vital that trust is established and maintained so the submissive feels safe enough to push themselves to greater heights of surrender. I will use my diabolical skills to have you groveling before me in no time!

The Sensual Sadist:

I gain great pleasure by watching the responses of my subs when they suffer for me. It is one of the many ways you can serve me. My SM play can range from light to heavy. I enjoy to pushing my subs but I always respect their limits.  I believe in safe, sane, and consensual BDSM play. It’s also important for my subs to be aware of the risks involved in the types of submissive play they enjoy.  As part of being an experienced Dominatrix, I have taken the time to learn how to Dominate you skillfully and safely.  I know if I break my toys, I cannot play with them again! I always use safe words and signals with novices and my trainees. This alleviates any chance of miscommunication happening between us. Plus it allows us to enjoy our Session more. When trust has been established, you are able to truly surrender and experience “subspace” with me.

The Fetishist:

I can still vividly remember how it felt when I slid on my first Leather coat. The soft texture of the Leather and their arousing intoxicating scent! I still love wearing Leather the most. I also enjoy PVC, Hosiery, Gloves, High Heels, Goth and Glam. I also have a Boot Fetish! You will often see me wearing leather boots year round! I find them so sexy and powerful! Especially when you are under my boots and worshiping them! I really enjoy exploring all kinds of Fetishes with my subs. Whether its wearing Fetish wear, having my feet worshiped or making you my dirty ashtray! The possibilities are only limited by our imagination!

The Educator and Mentor:

I have had the honor of being taught Domination by some amazing Dominants. I have also attended numerous BDSM Conventions and Workshops across the United States. I strongly believe in giving back to the BDSM community by educating others about this Lifestyle that I passionately love. I offer classes to couples and individuals who are just starting to play or wish to take their BDSM skills to the next level. My classes are custom made to the needs of my students.  I take the time to really understand the mindset and goals of my students so I can teach them as effectively as possible. Trust me, my classes are never boring but I always empathize the importance of playing skillfully and safely. I also share ways to help them foster a healthier Power Exchange relationship with their Dom/mes or subs. All sexual orientations are welcome to take my classes.  Just arrive with an open mind and an eagerness to learn!

The Phone Mistress Icon:

In the year 2001, a sub of mine asked if I was taking calls on a phone sex site called, Niteflirt. I had never heard of it and I honestly had never considered ever doing any sort of phone sex or phone domination before.  But I was curious so I decided to sign up to see if I would enjoy doing Phone Domination Sessions. Much to my pleasant surprise, I really enjoyed it. I have had a lot of fun there.  Phone Domination, Chat and Camming are some of the safest forms of safe sex!

Through my submissive callers, I am able to discreetly explore all kinds BDSM, Fetishes and other forms of Kink that I had never tried before.  It has also allowed me to better understand some of the psychological aspects of my subs on a much deeper level. As a result, I have found myself much more comfortable with giving out Verbal Humiliation and Degradation. It’s naturally benefited my Live Sessions because I have absolutely no problem verbally breaking down my subs when needed!  Through the years, I have been on quite a few Phone Sex sites but I am mainly on Niteflirt for now.

I recently also began to offer Phone with Skype Cam Sessions from my Dungeon. Email me for more details about arranging a Phone/Cam Session with me! Both of these are perfect options if you live too far to see me in person. Also, if you are too nervous to serve me in person. You get to know me and become more comfortable with me at your own pace. Your identity and what we do  is kept completely private. Even though not required, I encourage my “in person session subs” to also have phone domination sessions with me in between our sessions. This deepens our connection and my control over them.

If you have any questions or wish to inquire about serving me, email me:

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