Mistress Eva Lordes in North Carolina is Seeking Filming Slaves.

I am currently seeking attractive male, female and transgender filming slaves for my BDSM clips and photo shoots. There is no charge or compensation for being my filming slave or being in my photo shoots. For this, I require all my slaves to be between the ages of 18 – 55 years old and well groomed. Tattoos and piercings are OK. Experienced slaves and pain … Continue reading Mistress Eva Lordes in North Carolina is Seeking Filming Slaves.

Spoil your Mistress for the Holidays!

Here is my 2018 Holiday Universal Wishlist for my subs, pain sluts and bitches! https://www.deliverycode.com/wishlist/1558 Sending me gifts is not a requirement but its always greatly appreciated. It’s a great way to impress me and show that you care. My wishlist has gifts listed for all budgets. You can choose from vanilla, sexy to downright kinky gifts for me! If you have any questions, you … Continue reading Spoil your Mistress for the Holidays!

I am back on Eros. Go take a Look!

  I am back on Eros! https://bdsm.eros.com/carolinas/files/5193414.htm What do you think of my new Eros ad? Their site has made a lot of changes to their publishing standards after the new bills went through. So that is why my profile there is rather basic. They no longer allow us to post our personal websites on our ads either. So you must find my links on … Continue reading I am back on Eros. Go take a Look!

The Censorship of Tumblr.

I got this message below in my Tumblr inbox like many others have. I cannot lie, I have also enjoyed viewing the many hot photos and gifs I have found on Tumblr. I am sad to see this coming to an end. It’s no wonder that people are leaving Tumblr in droves. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6476985/Tumblrs-decision-ban-adult-content-users-looking-elsewhere.html I have not received an notification stating that my content will be … Continue reading The Censorship of Tumblr.