BDSM Classes with Mistress Eva

Are you wanting to learn how to spice things up or even possibly become a skilled Dominant or submissive?

Are you new to BDSM and have questions?

I am a Lifestyle and Professional Mistress with over Twenty-Five years of experience dominating submissives. I am one of the longest established Professional Dominatrices in the Carolinas and beyond. I have attended numerous BDSM workshops and conventions across the East Coast. Through the years, I have had many amazing professional sessions. I have also collared some wonderful subs in my personal life. Through these experiences, I have gained a lot of knowledge and it’s my passion to educate people about BDSM and D/s relationships.

How BDSM is usually portrayed by mainstream media is not how its really done behind closed doors. In reality, people who engage in BDSM strive for their play to be safe, sane, and consensual. If you are wondering what I thought of the movie “50 Shades of Grey”,  I hated the story line but loved their playroom!

In my classes, I teach about BDSM, Fetishes and how to do it in a hot but safe manner. I am able to teach proper technique in many  forms of BDSM play. I also enjoy teaching about the psychological side of being a Dominant or a submissive and how to nurture a healthy D/s relationship. All genders and sexual orientations are welcomed. Individual and Couples Classes are available by appointment.

Your classes will be custom made around what you would like to learn about and your current experience level. Understand what you tell me is kept purely confidential.  It’s important that we establish trust so that you can feel comfortable sharing your desires and questions with me. Your privacy and safety will always be my top priority.

Classes can be conducted at my private, well equipped Dungeon in Durham, North Carolina or if you prefer a more intimate atmosphere, I can meet you at an upscale hotel near me. For safety reasons, I do not go to private homes. Some classes can be done by Phone, Chat or Cam.

Class Rates:

Individual: $50.00 per hour

Couples: $100.00 per hour

Classes are by appointment only. A small partial small deposit may be required.

**Understand that these classes are purely instructional and I will not be playing with you.**

​For Questions about my BDSM Classes or scheduling a class, email me first:

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