Mistress Eva Lordes in North Carolina is Seeking Filming Slaves.

I am currently seeking attractive male, female and transgender filming slaves for my BDSM clips and photo shoots. There is no charge or compensation for being my filming slave or being in my photo shoots. For this, I require all my slaves to be between the ages of 18 – 55 years old and well groomed. Tattoos and piercings are OK. Experienced slaves and pain sluts will get to the first of the line fastest! Your safety is my highest priority and your limits will be respected. Safe Words and Signals will be used. I believe in Safe, Sane, and Consensual Play and RACK. You must be very healthy, STD free, and completely sober when serving and filming with me.

You will be required to present a printed copy of your current photo ID for age verification. It must be kept on file to adhere to 2257 Federal Regulations. You must also sign a model’s release. I prefer my video slaves to show their faces but a hood or mask can be provided. If you are unsure about being seen on the internet, do not apply! My clips are be sold on Clips4sale and other sites.

I prefer my video slaves to live in North Carolina or local to the Triangle area. You must pay for your own meals and travel expenses.

​I am currently seeking filming slaves for these kinds of BDSM/Fetish videos:

​OTK Spanking, Bondage, Outdoor Scenes, Foot Worship, Boot Worship, Heavy Impact Play, Paddling, Caning, Rough Body Play,  Flogging/Whipping, Face Slapping, Sissy Training, Verbal and Physical Humiliation, Small Penis Humiliation, Pegging, Cock and Ball Torture. Ball Busting, Nipple Torture, Smoking Fetish, Tickle Torture and more.

I am also seeking subs who would like to invest in helping me grow my clips business. I would like to buy higher quality Cameras for filming, video and photo editing software, and professional lighting for my shoots. I also need a new desktop computer and larger screen for editing etc.

​Filming slave candidates: In your application you should state your name, age, and location. From my list of BDSM/Fetish play above, list the ones that we mutually enjoy. How much experience do you have doing them? Tell me about your turn offs and what hard limits you have. Can you be filmed with or without a hood/mask? State ANY medical problems, joint problems or ANY medications you take. When are you available to film with me? Attach two RECENT photos that show you nude from the front and back. Your photos will be kept private and deleted once I have considered you for filming. To apply to be one of my filming slaves or to become an investor, send me an Email: EvaLordes@protonmail.com

I am no longer using DeliveryCode.com

For people unfamiliar with what Deliverycode.com is, it is an universal wish list service that is supposedly more “adult friendly.” Its more secure because the buyer has no way to access your personal information. They also have an option to receive tributes. I had heard stories about how some guys had found ways to get the personal info. of Mistresses etc. with Amazon wish lists. So I am only using my Amazon wish list for subs to send me Amazon E Gift Cards. I loved how discreet Deliverycode’s service was so I had been using them exclusively for my gifts.

I got a nice gift purchased off my wish list during the Holidays. It was bought by a long time trustworthy sub of mine. I could see on my account that he bought it but it never posted an update of it being delivered. It never got delivered to my house. I rechecked my mailing address listed for deliveries and it was correct.

I contacted my sub to let him know what had happened and he promptly contacted Deliverycode via email. After several attempts, he has never gotten an actual response from them. So I tried to message them. I get a verification email that they got my message but I have yet to receive any responses after several attempts. I cannot find a 1-800 number for them.

It would have been nice to have received some kind of response even if it was not their fault. Possibly an recommendation on how to proceed would have been greatly appreciated! Just ignoring our messages was just unprofessional. So I will no longer be using Deliverycode for my Universal wish list.

My Reflections of 2018.

My Holidays were hectic but very nice overall. In mid December, my area got close to a foot of snow. For Southerners, that’s like having a blizzard! As beautiful as it was, it took days for my side street to get safe enough for travel. About the time I got caught up on my rescheduled sessions, it was time to start Christmas shopping and planning time to see my family. I truly enjoyed spending time with my blood family over the Holidays. There was less of us this year but everyone got along! With all the gifts exchanged, that was the biggest gift of them all. I also want to thank all my lovely subs who sent me gifts and tributes for the Holidays. I will truly enjoy them.

I chose to have a quiet New Year Eve celebration. I took some time to just relax with a couple glasses of wine. I wanted to appreciate the many blessings I have in my life. After my family’s traditional New Year Dinner, I took some time to reflect on this past year, and wrote down my thoughts. I cannot lie, I am glad 2018 is over.

This past year certainly had its high and low points. What stands out for me in 2018 was when the FOSTA/SESTA bills were voted into action. We saw the end of the adult sections on Craigslist, BP, and other smaller sites. I agree that human trafficking needs to end but taking away their visibility makes them harder to find? These bills have also affected people who had nothing to do with these criminals. Including many in the Domination business like myself. I started as a part time Dominatrix in the 1990s while still working a full time vanilla job. It was not until 2003 that I finally felt ready to become a full time Dominatrix. I assumed that as time passed that society would become more open minded and compassionate toward people with different sexual orientations and what I do. I thought our country would progress not regress but sadly, I was wrong.

So 2018 became a year of adaption because either I could retire or I had to work smarter. I chose the latter but with it brought many changes, challenges, failures and triumphs. Through it all, I have grown a lot as a Mistress and overall I have become a much wiser Woman. There might be more battles ahead but I will never stop fighting for what I love and believe in. I am very fortunate to have the support and guidance of so many wonderful friends, subs and my chosen family (Thank You!). When I get frustrated or ready to say, “fuck it” I remind myself how truly blessed I am.

My website, MistressEvaLordes.com was totally redesigned by ME which I am very proud of. I no longer need to pay someone to update my websites. I began this blog which is still in the beginning stages. I am still revamping my site, DommeEmpire.com and it should be done in about a month.

In 2018 I finally bit the bullet and began to produce and sell my own BDSM video clips. This is an area of expertise that I am still having to learn from the bottom up. There is a lot more work involved in it than most people realize. To the ones kicking ass producing clips, I salute you! I am still learning about video production and editing. I hope to invest in a new video camera and a better video editing software this year. I have made sixteen Fetish POV and BDSM clips so far. I am in the planning phase to produce many more clips this year

I launched my clips4sale site: https://www.clips4sale.com/studio/124875/mistress-eva-lordes

I am still kicking ass on Niteflirt. I wish I could thank the sub who in 2000 asked me if I was on that site. Because at that point I had never heard of Niteflirt or even considered doing Phone Domination. He thought I would be good at it and he was right. I have so much fun with it! I am still revamping my site, DommeEmpire.com but I hope to have it done in the next month.

This past summer, North Carolina was hit by both Hurricane Florence and Michael. Our area got record breaking rain and the Triangle ended up having the wettest year on record. Except for my basement flooding some, I had no damage to my property. I feel very fortunate because my state’s southern coastline got devastated. My heart goes out to them as many are still rebuilding their lives.

Last but never least, my beautiful feline Queen Taz was diagnosed with advanced kidney failure in March 2018. She fought a hard fight but at age Seventeen, it was her time to go over the rainbow bridge. I rescued her two weeks old litter after her Mother was found dead. The moment I saw her, that little puffball stole my heart. I was still working over 40 hours a week at the time, but somehow I was able to bottle feed and ween all of them at four weeks. The others found loving homes. For seventeen years, she stayed by my side. Much longer than many of my lovers did. At my lowest she would lay on my chest and stare down at me with her wise “Yoda” look to remind me that everything was going to be OK. I will always miss her. I now have Gilbert and Beau, two big furry boys that I adopted from a local kill shelter.

To wrap things up. As hard as 2018 was for me, there were many good things that happened too. I grew and discovered things about myself that I never expected. I am much more stronger and resilient than I ever realized. I am thankful for the people who have positively impacted my life. I also realized it was time to let go of situations and people who were not good for me. As I enter this near year, I bring more confidence and hope with me. With a new year, comes a chance for new beginnings. I am excited to see what reflections I will be writing about next year.

Rest in Peace my beautiful Queen Taz.

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RIP Goddess Sadie Hawkins

With much sadness, one of our community’s shining lights, Sadie Hawkins has passed away. We have lost an amazing Pro-Domme to a senseless act of violence. A gofundme account has been set up. This money will go to her family in case they need help with her services or any other expenses they may have.

If you can, please contribute.


Spoil your Mistress for the Holidays!

Here is my 2018 Holiday Universal Wishlist for my subs, pain sluts and bitches!


Sending me gifts is not a requirement but its always greatly appreciated. It’s a great way to impress me and show that you care. My wishlist has gifts listed for all budgets. You can choose from vanilla, sexy to downright kinky gifts for me!

If you have any questions, you may email me at msevalordes@gmail.com

Mistress Eva Lordes


I am back on Eros. Go take a Look!


I am back on Eros! https://bdsm.eros.com/carolinas/files/5193414.htm

What do you think of my new Eros ad? Their site has made a lot of changes to their publishing standards after the new bills went through. So that is why my profile there is rather basic. They no longer allow us to post our personal websites on our ads either. So you must find my links on Twitter or Instagram. But hey at least you can email me right?

I have stopped accepting calls EXCEPT between 1:00 PM – 10:00 PM. I will not answer outside of those times. I have been getting too many calls in the middle of the night. They were ignored! I am NOT a morning person and that is why I do not offer morning sessions! But you may send me an email anytime! I have my website link below. Save yourself some time and read it completely first before contacting me. Learn more about me, my kinks and my Domination Sessions. I also have a hot gallery and Clips4Sale page. Go take a look! 😉

Mistress Eva Lordes


Email: msevalordes@gmail.com

The 2018 North Carolina Snow Apocalypse

My beautiful Cypress after a foot of Snow.

I ended up having about a foot of snow and sleet in Durham last weekend! It was beautiful and like a winter wonderland here. The downside was my road did not get treated beforehand! I live on a slight hill so I was stuck at home with a major case of cabin fever.  Thankfully, my street is now clear! I am still catching up on the sessions I had to reschedule but I am now prebooking for live sessions this weekend onward! I require at least 24 notice to book a Session. Especially with new subs. Email me to book a session.  msevalordes@gmail.com

Go to my updated website for more information about my sessions, rates and schedule.


Happy Holidays! Mistress Eva

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