A great photo from my Gooner Devotee.

One of my Gooner devotees sent me this great photo. He calls me often on Niteflirt and spends hours gooning to my photo on his 60″ TV while he watches porn on his two laptops. Both of his laptops are loaded with tabs of porn. A twisted mix of gooner, hypno, straight, and gay porn. He edges himself into a mindless gooner trance while we do intox play and I guide him into deeper states of bliss. No gooner is alike. He revels in his humiliation addiction and my complete control over him.

He is currently waiting for his next paycheck so he may call me again. He volunteered to only eat plain oatmeal so he can save up more money to serve me. lol (His idea, not mine.) I look forward to our next gooning phone session.

You can find me here: https://www.niteflirt.com/KINKY%20INTOX%20MISTRESS#

All My Links: https://linktr.ee/MistressEvaLordes

Mistress Eva

What is Gooning?

“Gooning” may be most simply defined as that state usually achieved after a prolonged edging session, when a man becomes completely hypnotized by the feeling radiating his penis. Since a gooning state can only be achieved after edging, the man’s dick will have become mightily aroused at this point and every caress the male genitals are subjected to will trigger potent elation. As the man keeps edging and thus keeps experiencing intense pleasure, he enters a state of trance where his mind intimately merges with his cock : the gooning state, where he and his dick become one. To be even more accurate, when the gooning state is achieved, the man’s body becomes for all intents and purposes an appendage to his erection. When this state is achieved, the male becomes freed of all social codes of conduct, and his arousal, alone, dictates his reactions. As a result, a gooned man will become very expressive and demonstrative : he may become very vocal, while his body and face might take on undignified expressions and poses, all in response to the intensely exquisite caresses his penis is exposed to. Hence the term “goon”, since at this point the man effectively looks like a silly, foolish, or eccentric person.

Urban Dictionary

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