I am seeking Filming Slaves.

I am currently seeking attractive male, female and transgender filming slaves for my BDSM clips and photo shoots. There is no charge or compensation for being my filming slave or being in my photo shoots. For this, I require all my slaves to be between the ages of 18 - 55 years old and well... Continue Reading →

I am no longer using DeliveryCode.com

For people unfamiliar with what Deliverycode.com is, it is an universal wish list service that is supposedly more "adult friendly." Its more secure because the buyer has no way to access your personal information. They also have an option to receive tributes. I had heard stories about how some guys had found ways to get... Continue Reading →

My Reflections of 2018.

My Holidays were hectic but very nice overall. In mid December, my area got close to a foot of snow. For Southerners, that's like having a blizzard! As beautiful as it was, it took days for my side street to be safe enough for travel. About the time I got caught up on my rescheduled... Continue Reading →

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