Happy Valentine’s Day to you!

I want to wish you a fun and sexy Valentine’s Day. As my attached friends, subs, and fans go through their yearly ritual of showing their love, please remember to make your lover or lovers, feel special every day of the year. Do not reserve giving them gifts, flowers, and other indulgences for only their birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays like this. Make them feel totally loved and cherished every time they think of you.

Some of the most precious gifts that you can give are your undivided time and attention. Make your actions back up your words of love. Show them that you need and appreciate them. Never take them for granted. Be there for them when they really need you. Be their rock when they feel weak or uncertain. This goes for everyone no matter if you are submissive or Dominant.

As humans, one of our basic needs is Love.

I know this is a bit different from my normal posts. Even the most bad ass Mistress has a heart! Even when I am at my harshest, I do it from a place of caring. I will always bring you back to this planet safely. Even if you may be a bit sore or humiliated afterwards.

As someone into BDSM, we just love differently. In many ways, I feel the trust and communication required to maintain a healthy D/s relationship takes our love and connection to a much deeper level. Now that is something to really celebrate!

Goddess Eva


1-800-863-5478 ext: 9439577 ($1.99 per minute.)

(To my Chastity sluts, release denied! Your suffering pleases me tonight!)

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