I am no longer using DeliveryCode.com

For people unfamiliar with what Deliverycode.com is, it is an universal wish list service that is supposedly more “adult friendly.” Its more secure because the buyer has no way to access your personal information. They also have an option to receive tributes. I had heard stories about how some guys had found ways to get the personal info. of Mistresses etc. with Amazon wish lists. So I am only using my Amazon wish list for subs to send me Amazon E Gift Cards. I loved how discreet Deliverycode’s service was so I had been using them exclusively for my gifts.

I got a nice gift purchased off my wish list during the Holidays. It was bought by a long time trustworthy sub of mine. I could see on my account that he bought it but it never posted an update of it being delivered. It never got delivered to my house. I rechecked my mailing address listed for deliveries and it was correct.

I contacted my sub to let him know what had happened and he promptly contacted Deliverycode via email. After several attempts, he has never gotten an actual response from them. So I tried to message them. I get a verification email that they got my message but I have yet to receive any responses after several attempts. I cannot find a 1-800 number for them.

It would have been nice to have received some kind of response even if it was not their fault. Possibly an recommendation on how to proceed would have been greatly appreciated! Just ignoring our messages was just unprofessional. So I will no longer be using Deliverycode for my Universal wish list.

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