A Time for Reflection and Gratitude.

I always take time on Thanksgiving morning to reflect on my life and to have gratitude for what I have. Especially in these trying times. Yes, I am very thankful for the comforts and material things I have, but I value the wonderful people in my life so much more. If I begin to have thoughts of the people I miss or desire, I make a mental note to contact them. If I begin to have thoughts of something material that I am lacking, I ask myself, how much do I really need or want it? If It’s something reasonable, I create an action plan to get it. Life to too fleeting to procrastinate on what calls to your heart, body, mind or spirit. No regrets!

I recommend this for my subs to do on a regular basis. I am a big believer in having a journal/blog even if you are the only one that reads it. I also have a personal journal. It’s great to look back on your journey to see how far you have come. It can help you better understand your needs and wants in all the facets of life. Also, to know where your hard limits and boundaries are (I will be posting more about this topic soon.)

BTW, To all the subs out there, get in that kitchen today and cook/clean for the Women in your life! Even if she is not your Mistress! Celebrate and be thankful for them!

I will be taking some calls tonight after I spend time with my family today. Contact me when you get some free time.

Mistress Eva Lordes


Twitter: MsEvaLordes

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