Be Respectful.

I have debated making this post because being respectful and kind to Mistresses should be obvious. Until someone gives you a reason not to, you should be respectful and show good manners.

About a month ago, I sent out a free minute to all my callers who called me on my Supreme Dominatrix Phone Domination line. I did it to show my affection for my callers and to give them a discount on our next call. I was really excited because I had hit the milestone of having over 10,000 calls on my BDSM/Mistresses listing. (Yes, let that sink in for a moment.)

The problem is, I am having callers call me for that free minute then hang up on me. The reason I am posting this is because of the amount of callers who have been doing this over the last couple weeks. This is beyond rude and disrespectful! I understand that many of my callers have never served a Mistress in real life before and need to be trained. Some have obviously just forgotten the good manners they were taught by their parents but honestly, many are fully aware of what they are doing. I guess they are the type that can only last a minute when they hear my voice!

I am not going to block these callers but they are now on my “No more free minutes” list. They will no longer receive anymore of my free minutes or perks. If they try to work around my list or show disrespect in any other way, they will be blocked for good.

I want to focus my time and energy on my subs who serve me well!

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