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A review from one of my subs.

Review – Mistress Eva Lordes, Durham, NC

Visit, second half of October 2017

I was allowed to visit Mistress Eva Lordes in Her dungeon in Durham. It was an incredible experience and I am happy to share it here.

I have been in the lifestyle for many years, but I have not been active for a long time due to personal circumstances.

Now, I am ready to get back into the lifestyle again and a good start is really important to me.

There are Pro Dommes of very varying qualities and qualifications. Just as there are good and bad doctors, lawyers, mechanics, etc., out there. So for your own sake, do your homework.

I had one session with Mistress Eva Lordes a number of years ago, so I knew firsthand how skilled and serious Mistress is.

Mistress Eva Lordes is also very well known in the lifestyle community. She has a very informative and serious website. Mistress has an incredible amount of experience and has probably tried more than most can even dream of. From mild to wild.
And Mistress has a very nice dungeon that is equipped with the right high quality tools and toys to take you to heaven.

So to contact Mistress Eva Lordes and ask if She would grant me a session, was the obvious choice for me. And I am so happy that Mistress did exactly that.

Prior to the session I shared my situation and background with Mistress. And when I arrived, Mistress took additional time to talk to me. Mistress was very focused on ensuring that I was at ease and encouraged me to talk through my experiences and preferences. I tried to share this with Mistress, but still felt I had given Her little to work with. But what a ride it was when Mistress had me down on my knees.

Mistress’s demeanor was incredibly dominant and confident. Mistress knew exactly what buttons to push, to put me in my place.  Slaps in the face, pulling of the nipples, and a few select words brought me totally in my place and in the zone — in no time.
And from there, Mistress simply started working on me. Taking Her time, ensuring I was with Her all the way.

Being on my knees, kissing Mistress’s one boot, while Mistress forces my head down with Her other boot. Or being on my back on the floor, with Mistress placing Her boots on my chest, groin, head, and hard on my throat and neck. What bliss.  I completely spaced out everything but Mistress. Lost track of time.

The same can be said about my long time strapped to the cross in Mistress’s dungeon. I just lost track of time, while Mistress systematically worked all the way up and down my body, with floggers, whips, paddles, crops, and canes.

There was a flow and an ebb that was indescribable, augmented by the music Mistress had put on and by Mistress talking to me during this, both to ensure I was with Her, but also so that I understood completely who and what I was at that moment.  Her submissive, (one can only wish to become Mistress’s slave), to do with as She pleased.
This was not a scripted session. Mistress was in total charge, and it felt so incredibly liberating. Yes, there were times where Mistress pushed me. It was so clear though, that Mistress knew exactly what She was doing.

Eventually, Mistress slowly brought me back to the surface, taking pleasure in yanking off the nipple clamps and giving my nipples a hard work over first though. But yes, Mistress allowed me to slowly surface.  And afterwards, Mistress took Her time for the aftercare and making sure I was okay to drive home.

This also stretched to sending me an email to ask how I was doing later in the night.

On top of all this, I have to admit that Mistress is extremely good looking. Looking as good as Mistress does, really does not impact how good a Dominant Mistress is, but still, wow 🙂


So where does this leave me? The simple answer: It leaves me looking so much forward to — craving — the next time, I can kneel before Mistress and let Her take the total lead.


If you are a novice or not into much pain, or if you are nervous, do not let this scare you. Mistress Eva Lordes is very skilled at understanding you and structuring your time to you and your comfort level of submission and pain.

Just be honest and open about it. And be polite and show respect, as you would when sitting in front of your doctor or lawyer.

There are infinite ways of being Dominant and submissive, and here you can rest assured, you are in the most capable hands.