Sorry not sorry, I do not answer private numbers.

Subs, when you contact a Dominatrix, know that you will be required to give us some identifying information. I understand that many of you have families, friends and employers who would not understand your need to submit or your kinky fetishes. Part of submitting is TRUST. If you cannot trust your potential new Mistress, then possibly you are not really ready to serve her.

I recently had a new submissive contact me via email. Our interests meshed so I had set aside a time in my schedule to speak with him by phone. When he called, it came up as a private caller so I did not answer. I was hoping that caller was not him because in the past, subs who call from private number have proven themselves not trustworthy. Unfortunately, it was him. Not long after, he called again from a number with some weird company name.

I emailed him to explain why I did not answer his call. Why would I want to waste my limited free time speaking to a stranger who is obviously trying to contact me and possibly meet me without sharing any identification? Did he really think I would invite a complete stranger into my private play space which is full of SM gear? I can obviously hold my own but I will not knowingly put myself into risky situations. My safety is my own personal responsibility so I will not throw all caution to the wind to meet a new submissive client! You may be a great guy, but I have to get to know you like every other sub I meet. You may be mentally unstable for all I know? So I screen all my new subs before meeting them.

Even most vanilla women have enough common sense to get to know their new date’s name, age, location and phone number before meeting them!

So if trust is an issue, get to know me. I offer paid phone and cam sessions. I offer in person consults at public local spots so we can get to know each other. Trust has to flow both ways. Know that even if I feel comfortable with you, I will still require some identification to see you.

If you are interested in serving me but still nervous about setting up a live session, email me for more information about my Phone/Cam Sessions and in person consultations.

I also own a very informative website about my Domination Sessions, Virtual Sessions, and BDSM Classes. I even have my clips pay site linked there so you can see me in action.

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